Leaders stop whining and just pull out

If African leaders do not want to be part of the Rome Statute that gave birth to the International Criminal Court on allegations that it is racist, then they can pull out and then we will deal with those that committed and continue to commit crimes against humanity using our home grown strategies. This is a good move that as Africans we find our own means of delivering justice. African solutions to African problems. I hope this does not mean that the African Union will fail to establish a African Criminal Court or something close to that, because this will mean dog eat dog, an eye for an eye.

I hope the so called high powered delegation that will be despatched will convince the United Nations Security Council to have immunity for incumbent heads of states as surely it is not fair to drag and parade a sitting president in a court of law. This high powered delegation must lobby for the indictment of some former heads of state who committed crimes in other countries, like examples that have been given Afghanistan and Iraq in this case Bush and Blair

I think we need the International Criminal Court because it acts as a deterrent to would be offenders. The ICC should be the supreme international criminal court that when cases fail to be resolved at African Criminal Court or European Criminal Court or whatever the case might be, then appeals can be made at the International Criminal Court.I still have questions on what Africans stand to lose when they can pull out of the ICC.


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