My two nasty experiences with the Youth Development minister

In a show of inconsistency and lack of mechanisms to hold leaders accountable, the minister of Youth Development, Indigenization and Empowerment goes around the country organizing youth meetings and pledging funds for youths to embark on income generating projects. This now seem to be a fallacy and charade to seek cheap political votes from unconscious young people.
I recall very well some time in 2011 in Victoria Falls at Chinotimba community hall. The honorable minister pledged to assist young people access funds to start projects. I vividly remember around twenty young people being promised vehicles to venture into the tourism industry, grinding mills to start assist communities, cash to start poultry, piggery, woodwork, metal and cutting and designing projects. The way pledges were done it was as if the money was coming from the minister`s pocket.
Youth’s expectations were raised; there was ululation and jubilation to celebrate the anticipated breaking of new grounds. A friend of mine Watuyanda Chandala was very excited and he suddenly ran to our office to develop his project proposal. I remember the young man worked up until mid night producing the cash flow required by the bank. The following morning youths were jostling to have a meeting with honorable minister Kasukuwere whom I am told was touring the industrial area.
Watuyanda ran around borrowing money to open a bank account with CABS. He had intimated to me that he required a sum of $200.00 to open the account. Fortunately the gods smiled at him and he managed to raise the required amount and he went on to open the account. Now it was time to receive the funds, the bank started dilly dallying telling various stories and the process became cumbersome and laborious eventually the my friend gave up. He went back and forth to the bank to no avail. Up to date he hasn`t received the funds.
I was shocked on the 12th of July 2012 in the Young Leaders Summit in Harare, when the same honorable minister during the `Question and Answer session` pledged to assist one blind young man who had asked why was he given a paltry $900.00 whilst he had applied for $3000.00 loan to start his business. He again said “Dzikira mupeyi mari uyu” translated “Dzikira give him the money” What I found absurd about this was that he responded as if the money was coming from his pocket.
There could a number of young people who have fallen to these false promises from public figures. Government officials must remember that such platforms are not political rallies for cheap politicking. I think that youths should petition ministers we move around spending tax payer`s monies making false promises. It is a clear sign that youths in the country are not being taken seriously by those in political positions. It is my hope that the new initiative `Kurera/ Ukondla fund will benefit intended beneficiaries.
I am watching.


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