Funeral coupists are out of line cant go unchallenged

Does insulting Khuphe helps one win an election. I am dumb founded. These funeral coupists must get a life mani! Now worse than military coupists.
These funeral coupists are sending barrage of insults and targeting Khuphe everywhere. They are now worse than Zanu pf.

These funeral coupists are busy blocking Khuphe in supposedly international gatherings are now worse than Zanu pf.

These funeral coupists are busy making unfounded claims that Khuphe is a “hule” just because is a woman whilst they parrot being democratic and anchored on defending human rights.
These funeral coupists now need some of us who are seating on the fence to come down and defend Khuphe for we are social activists. We stand up when other people rights are violated and attacked, demeaned because of their different political choice.

These funeral coupists have resident Facebook and Twitter trolls bent on posting barrages of insults and some unprintable words.
These funeral coupists must know that their behaviour is what we have been fighting over the years being perpetuated by Zanu pf, now Zanu pf seem to be shelling hate speech, violence, its now them adopting the same culture, I am trying to imagine if they had state apparatus on thier side. Some of us will be exiled within 24 hours.

Very disappointed !!! If they cant respect the dead then of course must be called Funeral Coupists. Asazi bazasithini thina esiphilayo


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