Toddler ‘Teargased’ To Death By Riot Police

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BULAWAYO – A toddler has reportedly died in the city’s oldest township
Makhokhoba after police threw a tear gas at the kid’s family house
during the #ZimShutDown skirmishes on Wednesday this week.

A confidential source confided to Zim Metro that, the innocent kid
whose name can not be disclosed, for ethical reasons, suffocated to
death after inhaling the deadly smoke.

“She suffocated from teargas whilst inside the house and then the
mother tried to take her out she was met with the smoke again,” a
citizen reporter whose spoke on condition of anonymity told Zim Metro

“I am at Burombo flats now and just spoke to three women who confirmed
the death of a 1 year 6 months old child,” the citizen reporter said.

“The women said the kid died of suffocation from tear gas,  and
another man also died after being rushed to the hospital.”

During the uprising, armed police reportedly descendend heavily on any
person at their sight as protesting crowds ran amok.

They also randomly threw tear gas at homes where innocent civilians
had taken refuge to avoid skirmishes outside.

A human rights watch group Amnesty International on Thursday condemned
Zimbabwe police for gross human rights violations after cases of
police brutality on civilians during the protests went viral on Social

Civic society leaders have also condemned arrests made in Bulawayo
following the Wednesday demonstration.

A total of 90 people have so far been arrested in the city including
minors who  are currently in police custody awaiting trial.

Meanwhile according to impeccable sources, 84 people arrested and
remanded in custody  have been moved to Khami remand prison while one
minor is still detained at Luveve remand prison.