Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Association (BVTA) would like to acknowledge the efforts demonstrated by the Bulawayo City Council to decongest the City Centre by creating new vending bays at corner Masotsha Ave and Fife Street. (Near Highlanders Club House) This is after our sustained campaign for the local authority to provide appropriate vending and trading bays for our membership.

BVTA continues to call for the Bulawayo City Council to construct  adequate ablution facilities and other related amenities since the new trading area is accommodating over 800 vendors and traders and facilities available are not sufficient to service such a huge number.

BVTA also commends its membership and other associations for taking a heed to pilot this move. The organization commits to closely monitor any moves that may result in granting of unfair advantage to other informal traders and vendors.

BVTA further encourages the Bulawayo City Council to re-direct traffic to the new trading area so as to allay fears and skepticism that the area will not attract customers. This may be done through relocating the commuter omnibus pick up points, introduction of food caravans and erecting billboards notifying prospective buyers of the new sites.

BVTA also acknowledges the seemingly smooth allocation of vending bays by Bulawayo City Council officials that so far has been incident free from malpractices, corrupt tendencies. The organization encourages BCC to diligently guard against double dipping and double allocations of trading bays.

BVTA urges the Bulawayo City Council to avail more trading and vending bays since the sector has become the source of livelihoods for many.

BVTA also commends various vendors associations in Bulawayo for demonstrating the desire to forge alliances and together work for the common good of its members.   The organization believes that such maneuvers are the right tonic to promote and protect the rights of informal traders and vendors.

Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Association (BVTA) is an organization that represents vendors and informal traders by engaging in policy research and advocacy to ensure that the rights and interests of vendors and informal traders are protected and catered for.

Contact person: Thabang Nare – Coordinator

Organization Name:  Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Association (BVTA)

Contact Details: 406 Fidelity Building, Fife Street and 11 Ave, Bulawayo.

Phone Number: +2637849442396

Email Address:



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