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On Saturday, 5th of December 2015, between 9am-2pm starting from the Jubilee Park, we the ActionAid Ghana Global Platform Campaigners will be joining hands with other key stakeholders to embark on a float demanding the provision of adequate Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) for quality education in basic schools in Dimala, Kpene, Dabokpa and Pagazaa communities in Tamale, Ghana. The theme for the campaign is: “Teaching and Learning Materials for Quality Education in Basic Schools”.

The float will seek to encourage the public to speak out and demand the provision of adequate Teaching and Learning Materials in our basic schools. Our recent fact finding visits to the above mentioned communities on the 3rd November, 2015 revealed that on average, one text book is used by five pupils and one dual desk is used by four pupils to mention a few. Our interaction with the teachers and pupils has made us realize that, lack of teaching and learning materials in the schools is contributing greatly to the poor performance of basic schools in the rural areas.

We are of the view that this is not acceptable and is a deprivation of quality education as enshrined in the 1992 constitution of Ghana Article 38(1) that obligates the state to provide educational facilities at all levels.

We therefore invite all interested stakeholders, concerned groups and individuals to stand together and join us in the float to demand quality education for our children. We also request all stakeholders to bring their organizational banners, placards with campaign messages and other related materials for the float.

By: Global Platform Campaigners
Daniel Nii Ankrah +233249749489 – Spokesperson

Mohammed Shiraz Salamatu +233507787597 – Deputy Spokesperson

Read more at:


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