Vibrant youths are doing it in Bulawayo

During the end of month of August 2015, I visited my country of birth Zimbabwe and uMthwakazi capital ko Bulawayo. I was left believing that Bulawayo youths can still change their situation. My visit coincided with a massive residents campaign to send a big NO to the Bulawayo City Council towards their unilateral decision to install prepaid water meters to already disadvantaged communities at the same time violating their fundamental rights.
The campaign was led by Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association a vibrant resident’s movement that empowers grassroots communities to take a political stand and claim their basic rights. The campaign came after a series of other lobbying and advocacy activities that came as a result of the Bulawayo City Council resolution to install prepaid water in Bulawayo.
I was humbled by the commitment shown by scores of young people who volunteered their time and energy to carry out door to door campaign sensitizing residents on the importance of refusing to accept the unilateral council decision by the city council. The youths braved chilly weather for a worthy cause.
This demonstrated the power within youths that can be explored and bringing about meaningful change within communities. This proved that youths can move mountains if they build alliances with grassroots organizations and begin to speak in one voice.
I was also inspired by youths who participated in the demonstration against the Bulawayo City Council to stop its ill-advised decision that brought over 2000 residents from townships of Bulawayo. I saw the power of mass mobilization. I saw the duty bearers trembling and locking their offices because the people had had spoken. The message was very loud and clear that Bulawayo is saying NO TO PREPAID WATER METERS #antiprepaidwater
I do not have words to express my satisfaction and gratitude to amazing work done by Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association. I was left with hope that youths are still the vanguard. I urge for more such initiatives to be carried out. Slowly but surely the youths in Bulawayo are claiming their space. The momentum built on these campaigns must cascade to the economic sector.
I believe youths can still change the face of Bulawayo. There is need for the youths to continue putting their heads together and organizations such as these creating spaces for youths to meet and shape their own destiny. The struggle is continuing.


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