Mad Mutodi a sponsored merchant of evil and tribalism

Merchants of bigotry, tribalism, malice like Energy Mudhodi cannot go unchallenged especially when he drags our people to their internal fights in their political party and want to foment a serious tribal war and scratches on the wounds of the Gukurahundi genocide. This moron thinks that any person who is Ndebele thinks like him who is high on hate of Ndebele and anyone from Matabeleland. I do not mind him to go on with a smear campaign to fight his internal factional fights targeting Ndebele speakers or persons of Ndebele origin in his party but I get miffed when he drags every Ndebele speaker to their internal fights.   This mad man must be monitored before he incites tribal violence in the country and sowing the seeds of division. He must be warned that never again we will fold hands when he pokes fun to our people who are still seeking closure, nursing wounds, scars and mourning their loved ones who never received descent burial after being butchered during the genocide.

As much as his theories and allegations are similar to someone who has wet dreams,  they become very serious and alarming when he makes a narrative that was used to propagate Gukurahundi which exterminated  over 20000 people that dissidents killed white people whether that true or false those who were involved know better. He is now using the same absurd and nonsensical narrative to accuse our people that they hijack busses to South Africa targeting people of Shona group of tribes. His script and narrative clearly reads from the 1979 Grand Plan of undermining Ndebele people and pulling all the stops to demean them.  He conveniently forgets that the busses attacked some were from Bulawayo, unless if he is saying that only people of Shona origin board such busses. He went on to accuse our people for burning busses whilst investigations revealed that the two explosions were a result of an electrical fault of one of the busses.

The conclusion is that merchants of evil are scared of their shadows every time and a reflection of a siege mentality scurrying for cover based on non-existent threats. His hallucinations confirm the fear a public debate on restoration Mthwakazi state/kingdom that has been hitting headlines in the state media which is healthy in a democracy for people to debate on governance systems of their choice as espoused in the constitution so as to address underlying factors that make people opt of such ideals. It however confirms lack of conscience and uneasiness to merchants of evil like Mutodi to allow for a healthy debate made by those who are advocating for it.  One also is made to believe that he is speaking on behalf of big people with small minds in his party who are handling him to spew raw sewer and rant like dog infected with rabies. Perhaps that is the mentality of his party that wants to nurture hatred and tribalism to the young generation of the country. This will be confirmed by the failure by his party to reign on him before he escalates sowing the seeds of a tribal civil unrest.

My small research revealed this man has outstanding cases of fraud and racketeering.  Mutodi is currently on trial accused of swindling $588 787 after luring over 16 000 civil servants to join and contribute to his National Housing Delivery Trust. I also discovered that a few back his property was attached. One wonders how such a party tolerates such thuggery and thievery; he is the very person who is supposed to be shown the door.  Perhaps he has gone mad