A case of spilling beans about Gukurahundi and planting snares

An analysis of the narrative by VP Mphoko on Gukurahundi is very revealing and it puts a final nail on the coffin, he is actually spilling the beans than doing any good to ZANU PF. It is like planting snares in otherwise a smooth path.  In my VIEW the damage is so severe and has far reaching implications.  In other words is saying that ZANU was in complicit and conspired with the West and recruited North Korea to train the 5 Brigade and annihilate PF ZAPU supporters. Simple put he is admitting that ZANU was puppet of the West that allowed the conspiracy to be executed. Consequently he is saying  ZANU must be held to account for conspiring with the West to maim, kill, destroy property, holding people incommunicado, to make people disappear, arbitrary arrests and detention, rape, ripping pregnant wombs open, throwing people in mine shafts and other heinous crimes the list is endless.

To give credence to his narrative, it is well documented that the then prime minister used inflammatory statements that ZAPU must be crushed, so VP  Mphoko confirms that the prime minister was singing from the West hymn book.  Also based on VP sentiments one concludes that ZANU was a willing tool driven by the hate of people from the Southern part of Zimbabwe who were the majority followers of the late VP Nkomo . He is further tainting the image of ZANU as a puppet party that could not make its own decisions. Scribes and other book makers must have screaming headlines like “ VP spills the beans.” VP Mphoko exposes ZANU PF”

You can go further and ask who funded the North Koreans? Where did the money come from?, with so much aid coming from the West a few years after independence.  A guess will be suffice that  part of the money used pay the North Koreans perhaps came from the West and with their full knowledge passed on to the North Koreans, to me that is the conspiracy. This in my view was part of a grand plan strategy by the West to use a ripe puppets like ZANU and others  to fight the Soviet Union and diffuse its influence in Southern Africa which supported  PF  ZAPU. And indeed a well-orchestrated plan to use willing tools like ZANU PF who were desperate for relevance and to impose themselves as key players in regional politics. Unless if he explains what he means by the conspiracy. And whether ZANU conspired with the West or the West conspired with ZANU it does not absolve them from Gukurahundi. They  are guilty as charged.


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