Boycotting Bignuz does not solve our problems it only halts the attacks.

While I do not condone the killing of a human being by another and as such my heart bled when I saw the report of the two Ethiopians who were locked in container and burnt and other graphic images circulating in the social media. At the same time while empirical evidence  show that we helped black South Africans through ZAPU  to fight the  racist apartheid regime so that they enjoy the hard work of the Boers who had put in place very good infrastructure.  These barbaric xenophobic attacks got me reflecting on Zimbabweans becoming economic refugees due to the running down of once a jewel of Africa by the current regime and as such the pain that my brothers and sisters are going through and I included. Maybe my views will make me lose some friends but that is how I view the saga that has been unfolding since the  2008 attacks.

Perhaps it will give us more energy to come home and deal with our problems and begin to rebuild the tattered Zimbabwe. To me the Nyovest, Big nuz are just small boys and we are aiming at the wrong people, boycotting the show will not aid our economy to create or help create an environment conducive to create our own jobs but speaking to the ills, excesses of the current regime and the regime owning up by fixing the economy so that our brothers do not flock to South Africa to work as slaves emakhishini and firms and paying the highest prize of  a  failed regime.

And while boycotting the show will rally the local and international community to put pressure on SA to put measures in place to halt xenophobic attacks but it will not solve our problems/ challenges.  This has become a latent conflict that will periodically reoccur and there is need for serious introspection as a country to try to find solutions to our myriad of problems and one of those if acknowledgment of failure then building a an inclusive national consensus on the way forward.

I am alive to the fact that human beings will continue to migrate to other countries to look for greener pastures but ours are no longer even green that is the reason why people are crossing the border enmasse and other scaling the fence to South Africa. I was happy that the president of the country admitted for the first time that there is problem in the country during the press brief in Union Buildings.

A friend of mine had this to say on the issue “It was justified and still is justified when Zimbabweans chased out/beat up white farmers whose forefathers where born in this country because of the color of their skin. Just a few days a go the very leader of Zimbabwe expressed his racist tendencies when he said he doesn’t want sight of a white man near him. If this xenophobia fight is purely about human rights and dignity then I believe charity begins at home”


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