Lets make children participate

Definition of Child participation
• Child participation involves encouraging and enabling children to make their views known on the issues that affect them (UNICEF)
• Participation refers to the active involvement of children in the decisions, processes, Programmes and policies that affect their lives (Unknown)
• The participation in a right under Article 12 on the Convention of the rights of the Child
What can be done to promote child participation?
• Train children on leadership skills and advocacy skills
• Facilitate the formation clubs in schools that will lobby for child issues i.e. speak against child abuse,
• Educate children about the Convention on the rights of the child to understand their rights and responsibilities
• Introduce programmes that will build the confidence of children to speak out.
• Sensitize parents and guardians to value child participation in decision making at household level.
• Encourage children to participate in junior parliamentarians and junior council programmes.
• Put measures that will prevent children from accessing alcohol and other dangerous substances.
• Promote Child friendly cities that recognizes the role of children in socio-economic and political development
• Establish Child development committees that will spearhead development issues within communities.
• Establish Youth and Child play centres for children to meet and share ideas on issues that affect them.
• Produce position papers on child participation on socio – economic and political sectors.
• Petition the government to action adopt meaningful strategies that promote children instead of tokenism.
• Creation of coalitions and networks that promote children participation at various of development
• Local and National budgets that will fund child centered projects
• Children can form their own organizations, use music, art, sports etc
• Develop mechanisms to bridge the gap between the rural young people and urban young people.
• Government to ratify international declarations
• Develop infrastructure for rural children to access basic services.
• Develop mechanisms to strengthen child participation at child participation platforms.


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