Bulawayo once the city of excellence turns to Blair toilets.

I used to think The City of Bulawayo was a city of excellence until I joined Uhlelo LweZakhamizi, Inkundla KaZulu, and other civil society organizations in an Anti Prepaid Water Meter Door to Door campaign on Saturday 21 June 2014. It was very surprised to see a Blair toilet in one of the townships. Attached are pictures that show Blair toilets in Cowdry park popularly known as Emastendini. This is 34 years after black majority rule and independence. 

Views from various bloggers  ImageImage

Is the City Council to blame or the developer? There are parts of the city were serving of stands is done by developers who instead of having the capital to do so they rely on deposits from buyers. So be sure its council which I doubt”

up until zanurised ple took over Byo kwakungekho lokhu…right nw zanu linked land developers doin sh***t ol over eg kubombudane etc…cn bet thts a land developer area leyo”

“in Mahatshula i bought stand from developer in a medium residential place over five years ago.stil dusty roads n no sewer line only water…”

“You are over analysing this its the Political and economic regime we are under that allows such things and establishes the enviroment for it to happen there are the source of this madness in 2014”

“ey shouldnt sell undeveloped stand. wt pisses me off with the city council is that pple actually bot those stands from em. $3500 is serious money and ey need to start focusin on real issues bayekelane lamabhawa. i propose we go to a council meetin and protest in ere. mnxxxmm such things make me feel lyk taking it to the street”

What I deduce from these bloggers is that
(1) Council is to blame for the mess at Cowdry Park, because they sold unserviced stands (2)
(2) Misplaced priorities and awarding of tenders to developers has also contributed to the mess at the eye sore township.
(3) The current regime is equally responsible for this mess.
(4) There is an invisible hand that has covert strategies to destroy the city of Bulawayo.
Way forward
– Door to door campaign to enlighten on the infringements of their rights.
– Massive residents protest march against the council and government to act on the mess.
– The council must not stop selling not serviced stands forthwith.
– Dialogue between council and residents



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