Jumping logs in entrances is dehumanizing shoppers.


Yesterday during lunch was doing some shopping in down town in Bulawayo. Overtime I have been observing an evil tendency by most shops that trade Chinese products in down town and a few in central business district; they put logs at the entrance. I observed old women with babies on their backs and men struggling to jump the logs, one disabled lady had to change her mind from entering the shop. This deprives the woman the right to chose where to shop and also it does not make any business sense. I mean the dollar for two shops that sell affordable products that most Zimbabweans are clad on these days; it is degrading human treatment that I think comes with greed.
Shop owners must hire enough security to man the entrance and exit points and carry out body searches that are known everyone than to degrade desperate innocent women to fold their skirts whilst exposing their essentials. Should we celebrate this in the name of reducing cases of stealing in shops. If you have not felt the pain just take your old granny or grandfather and attempt to enter these shops. Some of these men and women are trying to earn a living by buying and selling under very difficult prevailing economic conditions. One will argue that the logs are meant to reduce shoplifting but it is the role of the security to be in the lookout for such. Where are the rights organizations, women rights activist to confront the Bulawayo City council to stop this dehumanizing treatment of shoppers, I nearly fell trying to jump the log what more about an elderly woman. My question is it legal for shop owners to put logs at their entrance and exit. It is a good business practice. I think as a people we can do better. I am introducing a new campaign: “LETS KICK THE LOGS AND CLEAR THE WAY”


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