Disused mine deaths in South Africa a national disaster

I wonder why the government is not doing anything to repatriate bodies of illegal miners who died in a disused mine in South Africa. To me this is a national disaster, if it was other countries the government would have dispatched a high powered delegation to assist families. Worse all of these men and women were involved in illegal mining due to economic hardships in Zimbabwe that came as a result of bad governance and misplaced priorities. One begins to think maybe the government does not care because the deceased are from Nkayi, Tsholotsho, Gokwe and Plumtree. Unless I am not informed about any meaningful efforts besides that a funeral parlour Kings and Queens ran by a Mr Naran is assisting families of the deceased to bring the bodies back home.
Yes it was illegal not a good right thing to do but one has to imagine the impact of these deaths to the lives of those around them, these men and women were probable breadwinners for their families. I believe they were making their families meet basic fundamental needs. For example
• Paying of school fees for their children, so that means they are likely to drop out of school.
• Providing food for their families, starvation is now knocking on the doors of these families.
• Looking after sick and providing for their medication and health needs, now there will be loss of lives.
• Paying accommodation for their families.
This is a sad story about Zimbabwe and it is surprising that it is not given the prominence that it deserves. So shameful for the country.


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