Chaos reigns supreme at Renkini Bus Terminus

A stroll at Renkini bus terminus leaves one wondering whether city fathers are willing to make travelers have a dignified welcome to the city and a good send off to their respective destinations or a forgettable visit to Bulawayo. The parking at the Renkini bus terminus lots are dilapidated, the waiting shades roofs have fallen off. The perimeter fence is now nonexistent, lights are not working, and near the toilets one is welcomed by stench and disgusting odor and a drench of human liquid waste and sometimes solid waste especially in the mornings. Sadly vendors are pushing and shoving trading consumables near these toilets. Chaos reigns supreme, traders are not separated, there is a concoction of those trading food stuffs and while others are selling wares that could be hazardous to human health if mixed with goods meant for human consumption. Sadly again travelers get squashed in some surviving shades when it is raining and their goods get soaked in the process.
What is striking is that there are city council security officers or revenue collectors who frequent buses demanding money for the use of the terminus, now the question is, where is that money going to if it is not used to repair or spruce the infrastructure. I do not think that the city council needs a lot of money to maintain a good sight of the bus terminus. I am convinced it is negligence and sleeping on the wheel by the city fathers that has left the bus terminus an eyesore. The state of affairs at the bus terminus needs urgent attention if the tag “City Kings “is to be retained if not maintained.
Whilst it is popular knowledge that the council has other pressing priorities, I think the funds collected at the terminus must be used to maintain and improve it. I am not proposing a state of the art refurbishment like the Egodini proposed project. In the short- term whilst waiting for the start and completion of the proposed Egodini international terminus and shopping mall, the city council can purchase a few liters of paint, few roofing sheets and refill some potholes at the terminus. A perimeter fence is not very expensive that council cannot afford if attention is given to the terminus. I am also aware that the major problem at the terminus is vandalism.
• Efforts should be made to engage the neighborhood watch, the police and council also has a security department, strategies can be found to deal vandalism at the terminus.
• The council can also engage some private transport operators to donate materials for use to refurbish the bus terminus; I do not think they will not be willing to assist since they will benefit from a properly functioning and secure terminus.
• Incentives such as advertising on billboards, bins could be awarded to transport operators and other players who will assist in the sprucing up of the terminus.
• The city council can also create linkages with private advertising companies who conduct public awareness road shows, community radio stations, civil society organizations to sensitize communities on the impact of vandalism as communities are the ones that are affected.
• Councils should enforce or introduce trading zones for those selling non foodstuffs to be on the other side and separated from the ones selling foodstuffs.
By Michael Mdladla Ndiweni


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