Victoria Falls road accident claims a life

An accident along Victoria Falls road about 6KM from Ken Maur (Saint Lukes) yesterday has claimed a life and left three people with serious injuries.

Michael Mdladla Ndiweni a Survivor and eye witness said: “the minibus coaster was travelling  from Singeni, Gwamba valley, Nkayi around 07:15hrs, a haulage encroached our lane, resulting in our driver trying to avoid the heavy truck and hitting the gravel road.

“The driver then failed to negotiate back to the road and the bus swerved to the right lane and suddendly it veered on the right side.
“Three people were seriously injured with deep head cuts, arm cuts, one lady died on the spot, she was trapped on the bus

Victims were taken to Saint Lukes hospital and Mpilo hospital, and the witness says that the ambulance arrived 45 minutes late in a stretch less than ten KM along Vic Falls – Bulawayo highway.

“The driver of the truck could have slept on the wheel, he tried to escape but a good samaritan tailed him and he got arrested in Lupane,” said Ndiweni.


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