Desperation, political dwarfism and lack of sincerity in Victoria Falls

Such desperation is out of my stretch of imagination. Some candidates assume that bringing Ndolwane Super Sounds “free” of charge and dancing the whole night in sandy Mfelandawonye pitch will sway the vote in their favor. Where have they been all along, now suddenly people are given rice and cooking oil to entice them to vote for a party that has nothing to show and no meaningful development in Matabeleland. We are not fools. You will witness rude awakening on polling day. The other political formations must campaign without use of the tired strategy of vote buying because we are not idiots who can be hoodwinked by a packet of rice and cooking oil. It is so sad and fool hardy that this day and age people still think that we can bought in order to choose leaders we want. In my opinion vote buying is political dwarfism and failure to articulate sound policies that can make people vote you. As a resident I feel insulted for one to think that I can be bought by music and a packet of rice.
I have witnessed lack of sincerity in Victoria Falls, for instance there was much hype about the forthcoming United Nations World Trade Organization (UNWTO) congress and massive rehabilitation of the infrastructure in Victoria Falls and construction of state of the art conference center. Everyone envisioned a “new” Victoria Falls. However a tour around the world renowned tourist destination will leave you with a tongue waging on the sincerity of our leaders. One begins to think that maybe it is a deliberate strategy not to have any significant infrastructure development in the region. This summit was supposed to leave a lasting impression in Victoria Falls but alas there is nothing to show. I am very disappointed by our leadership in the country.