My country is bleeding to death

Is this country cursed, no I do not think so? Why this richly endowed country is bleeding to death? We have brilliant brains, a number of educated people. A number of successful institutions all over the world are run by Zimbabweans. These are the two questions that I am grappling with everyday. I have been pushed to make few comments after our loss to Angola in the African nations qualifier. I have been reading accusations and counter accusations posts in the social media. Some sections of our society are accusing ZIFA for bundling and failing to plan ahead for our qualifying matches. The other section blames the government for failing to come with policies that support national teams at all levels.
The most disheartening was the blame laid to the coach Rahman Gumbo and his assistants Peter Ndlovu and David Mandigora; he is accused of being Ndebele, who let the Shona people down. I have been looking at Rahman Gumbo`s surname and to me it sounds Shona (Gumbo) means unyawo in Ndebele, Peter Ndlovu is not Ndebele but a Tonga from Binga, David Mandigora yes he is a Shona, some players who played in the team Vusa Nyoni, Ariel Sibanda, yes we bundle those as Ndebeles but what is Ndebele if I may ask.
This beautiful country will not go anywhere as long as we have people who are so shallow minded when things do not go our way. This cancer has affected our politics when people fail to agree on principles they pull the tribal card. One thing you must remember comrades we are all Zimbabwean by registration unless if you get a good lawyer who will help you to renounce what is in your registration identity card and become a citizen of another country. We have seen some leaders when Zimbabweans attempt to write a new constitution that embraces all the tribes, these Nicodemously meet to reverse the collective will of the people.